Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Peer Tutoring.

I think I can say that the school year has officially begun now.  Today was the fifth day of school, and I finally got to actually go to peer tutoring today.  I got put in the special needs department at the middle school.  The middle school is right behind the high school, so I just walk across the parking lot and up the hill every day for third block.

I'm working in two different class rooms, and it went well although some of the kids didn't want to pay attention.  I definitely remember why I want to teach high school and not middle school now.

As for my other classes, I had two tests today, and I think both went well.  We finished the movie Cyberbully in computer applications today.  I think I'm going to post a review at some point in the future.  I really enjoyed it, even if it's a bit preachy at the end.  There were some interesting conversations in government.  That's honestly my favorite class right now.

This post is extremely short.  I actually had something longer typed, and then I lost it.  I don't really have time to type it up again though.

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