Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Yearbooks and Mockingjay

I don't know why but this week has just seemed to inch by for me.  There's no way it's only Tuesday.  I was also a little shocked yesterday when I turned to the new week in my planner and saw September.  Time's going by so fast and yet so slow.

Last year's yearbooks came in today!  We spent all of class trying to sort out all of the personalized ones by grade.  Tomorrow I think we're sorting them into groups passed on what class the kids are in that period, and hopefully we'll be able to hand them out.  We did get to take our own, so I have mine.  I haven't looked at it much though because I haven't had the time.  It's really similar to past yearbooks, but it's pretty awesome.

During lunch today, my friend Haley, who's reading Catching Fire, picked up a copy of Mockingjay and read the last page.  Her reaction was absolutely hilarious.  Neither one of us could really say anything since Jordan, who's getting ready to read Mockingjay, was sitting right there, but her face was priceless.  She said she wanted to go read Catching Fire after that.  I love seeing Jordan and Haley's reactions as the read the books.  We also had fun talking about Starkid and fanfiction.  They're basically the only people I know who actually understand these things.

We took a quiz over Ammendments 14 throught 27 in government today.  (We took one on one through thirteen yesterday.)  It's definitely wasn't as hard as I was expecting since I couldn't remember any of them, but I know I screwed up a couple of things.  It's so hard to keep all of the numbers straight!

That about sums up my rather uneventful day.

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