Saturday, September 10, 2011

I Could Never be a Sales Person

I love Saturdays.  Sleeping and not having to go to school is the best.  I haven't done much today other than read and work on some homework.  I have to write notes on a chapter of AP U.S. history this weekend, and I'm about halfway done at the moment.

After posting yesterday, I remembered that there were two things I forgot to mention in that post.  I decided I'd just post about them today.  Now that it's almost a day later, I'm not sure if I want to post about them or not since it feels kind of pointless now, but here we go anyway.

I was in the bathroom at school the other day when two of my old best friends walked in.  There was someone else in the bathroom, but they were actually in one of the stalls, which meant the three of us were just kind of there at the sinks.  As soon as the walked in my awkward self got a little nervous.  I've barely spoken to one of them since middle school, and I still fill kind of weird around the other one even though we talked in class all last semester.  We started up a conversation though.  It was awkward, but not quite as bad as I expected.  To most people reading this, this may sound random and unimportant, but these two were my best friends for a really long time (in addition to Summer, who still is one of my best friends.  Our group kind of split in half I guess...).  It's just so weird whenever I see them now.  I miss them, but at the same time all three of us have changed so much that it's just not the same.  Yeah...

I also forgot to mention that Ji and I went around selling yearbook ads again yesterday.  This is getting kind of stressful.  We have seven businesses between us, and we only managed to sell one ad last Friday.  We sold another one yesterday.  One business told us they're definitely not buying one, and there's another business that we're almost positive isn't because they're really indecisive.  Out of the other three, one we just managed to find yesterday, and they're thinking about it.  I can't find addresses for the other two business anywhere.  They're no where online, in the phone book, and no one I ask has heard of them.  I'm going to have to talk to the yearbook teacher Monday because I'm not sure what to do about them.

Before I wrap up this post, I just want to share a cute little scene I saw earlier today.  At about noon, I went looking for my little brother to see what he wanted for lunch.  I found him on the ground outside just reading a book with both of our dogs beside him.  It was so random but adorable.  I looked kind of embarassed when I found him.  I think he was just taking them out so the could go to the bathroom, but he took a book to read while he was waiting and lost track of time or something.  I'm not really sure what happened, but it was cute.

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