Sunday, September 11, 2011

My 9/11 Memories

I had two blog posts planned for today.  One of them was going to be about 9/11.  However, I'm now about to fall asleep, and I doubt I could write anything worthy of posting at the moment.  I'm not sure why I didn't have time to do this earlier in the day because I really haven't done much today, but somehow, I didn't find time to do this earlier.  I also got so distracted that I kept putting off my homework.  Then, at about 6:30, I just suddenly felt extremely tired.  I have no idea why I'm suddenly so sleepy, but I managed to get my homework done.  Let's hope I actually did everything right...

I guess I'll attempt to write about 9/11 anyway, but I don't really have any thoughtful comments about it.  If read some great blog posts written by others today, and I don't have anything that could rival theirs.  I was eight when it happened, and my eight year-old mind didn't really get the whole scope of what was going on.  I knew it was bad, but I had never heard of terrorism or the World Trade Center.

We were out at recess when it happened (or at least when the school heard about it).  When we came inside, our teacher looked really serious (something that wasn't unusual for this teacher), and she sat us down on the carpet to talk to us.  She tried to explain what was happening, and I could tell that this obviously wasn't a good thing even though I didn't really know how bad it was.  I don't really remember what she said to us.  I just remember sitting on the carpet listening to her.

The only other memory I have from that day is sitting in front of the TV later and talking to my dad about it.  Again, I can't remember what either one of us said, but I can remember staring at the TV as they showed the towers falling.

I was flipping through channels earlier today when I came upon MSNBC.  They were showing their actual coverage from 9/11.  My brother and I sat there watching it for a little while, and I realized that he was only a year old when the attacks happened.  This was honestly the first time this thought occured to me, and I honestly was a little surprised when I realized that my generation is probably one of the youngest that remember the attacks at all.  Most of the kids younger than us, who were alive that day, have probably forgotten.  We'll be some of the last people alive to remember the attacks when we're all elderly.  Granted, most of us probably can't remember them well (based on the conversations I've had with people I know).  This makes me want to go talk to my sister and see if she can remember anything at all.  (She was six and in kindergarten at the time.)

That's really all I have to say about 9/11.  I could get into more I suppose, but I really don't know what I could say that you haven't heard before.  I've definitely remembered those who died today, and I'm sure you have too.  That's not something I really need to repeat.  And I definitely don't want to get into the politics, controversy, or anything like that.

One last thing, today was the last mass with our current priest at our church.  He's changing parishes.  I always hate things like this.  It's hard to see people go.  We have about a month until our new priest comes, and I'm not really sure what we're doing until then.  I think we're just going to have a different priest come each weekend or something like that.  I'm sure that won't make the transition any easier, but we'll deal with it.  Our new priest grew up in our area, and he was apparently only ordained recently.  I'm sure he'll get along with everyone well since he already knows some of the people around here.  I really hope everything goes well.

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