Friday, September 30, 2011

The Newspaper Article and Stage Crew

I never posted about this on the blog (because I was freaking out about it so much), but I somehow ended up writing a column for the local newspaper.  They wanted a kid from each school in the area to write about stuff happening at that school.  My yearbook teacher and friends thought I should do it.  This all happened a couple of weeks ago, but the issue with the first article in it came out yesterday.  I had several people tell me today that they'd read it and enjoyed it.  The secretary at the middle school even mentioned it when I went over there for peer tutoring.  She'd only asked what my name was a few days ago.  I didn't think she remembered it!  I'm a little embarrassed.  I mean, everyone's said good things about it, but of course the would in front of me.  I'm so paranoid about it.

It's so hard to write posts about just general life stuff now because of play practice.  By the time I get home, I'm worn out and have forgotten most of the day.  I could write about play practice, but there's really nothing to say.  I'm not great at building things, so I'm the one doing the small, random jobs, such as holding something or searching for different props and things.  I'm really happy I joined crew, but it doesn't give me much to blog about.

One random tidbit that might be interesting:  there's apparently a ghost up in the passage way that leads from the costume/prop room to the place where the lights and stuff are controlled.  I haven't actually been past the costume room and I haven't heard the footsteps that everyone else claims to hear (even when I'm in there alone).  I'm not really sure if I should believe everyone or not.  One girl claims she was chased once.  We'll see how I feel in a month.  I can say that that area is creepy, so I can see why people would believe there's a ghost there.

I usually look forward to Saturdays because I get to sleep in, but that's not happening tomorrow.  Why?  At three a.m. my mom and I are leaving to drive up to Indianapolis to visit Marian University.  Marian isn't one of my top choices for a school, but I definitely think I'm applying there.  It should be interesting.  Although, the long car right in the wee hours of the morning may be even more interesting thanks to sleep deprivation.  Here's to hoping I can get some sleep in the car.

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