Sunday, October 23, 2011

Breast Cancer Walk

Today there was a breast cancer walk in a city near where I live.  One of the teachers at my school was diagnosed with breast cancer the summer before my freshmen year.  She was my Spanish teacher for three years, and she is an amazing person.  She was walking today, and a group of people from school decided to get together and surprise her today.

We picked up my friend Haley at about 1:30, and we drove to where we were all meeting.  We weren't entirely sure where everyone was going to be, but we ended up finding everyone pretty easily.  In fact, we almost drove right by them, but we noticed them at the last minute.

We were along the route they were walking, and we had to wait for the walkers to come by.  Someone had painted some of the breast cancers survivors faces on this wall, including our teacher's.  It looked awesome.  We all wrote our names in pink chalk on the ground in front of it.

We also wrote our names on these cards and tied them into balloons.  The cards also had a thing about our school's WHOO (We Help Our Own) cancer fund.  It's a fund my school has set up to help anyone in the school (student or faculty) who's diagnosed with cancer.  We let the balloons go later, and hopefully they'll land somewhere where someone will see them.  Our school's done this once before, and some people saw some of them and even sent money to our school for the fund.

It took the walkers longer to get there than we thought it would, so we spent some time sitting around talking.  Finally, the few people who were running began passing us.  Mrs. Deweese, our teacher, was pretty close to the front.  She was walking with some of her family.  She looked so shocked to see all of us there.  She even stopped walking for a bit and put her head in her hands.  We should her the wall, and we took pictures with her in front of it.  It was really emotional.  She started crying, and I was really close to tears.  She gave each one of us a big hug and talked to us a little while before continuing walking.

Haley and I had to wait for my mom to come pick us up, so we were some of the last to leave.  There were two teachers there other than Mrs. Deweese, and they were the last ones to leave other than Haley and me.  One of the teachers actually stayed with us until my mom showed up.

After we got picked up, my mom wanted to go buy Lowes quickly to buy a new stove.  (This makes me really happy because our current stove is crap.  Most of the burners don't work, and the oven bakes things really unevenly.)  Haley and I spent the whole time looking at cook books and a dog training book.  There was this seriously cool cupcake book there that had absolutely adorable cupcakes.  I definitely would have bought it if I thought I could make something even remotely similar to those pictures.

Overall, I didn't really do much today, but it was a really nice day.  I had a lot of fun.

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