Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Change of Writing Habits

It's time for another blog post about writing!  Writing hasn't been coming so easily to me lately.  In a past blog post, I mentioned that I usually write at night after I take a shower.  For some reason, that's just when I write best.  Lately though, that hasn't been happening.

The little bit of writing I have managed to do recently all happened at school.  Usually I take a book to school with me to read during those times you aren't allowed to talk (or are but I'm having one of my (many) anti-social moments) and I have homework and things done.  However, the books I've been reading recently aren't exactly books I can or want to take to school (ebooks, larger books, or books I don't want damaged), so I've resorted to writing during these moments.

If you read my fanfiction, you know that many of my A:TNG one-shots were written at school.  You also know that I've posted two more of those in the last month or so (even though I hadn't really planned on posting more for a really long time).  Yet it's never been easy for me to write when others are around.  It's too distracting, and sometimes I feel like people are reading over my shoulder, which bothers me.  These one-shots have always been super short, and I think this is the main reason why.  I can't focus on writing anything longer when there are so many people around me.

This semester however I've gotten an abnormally large amount of writing done in class.  I've mentioned before that I'm currently working on this story (but I haven't said much more than that).  Literally every bit of it I've written in the last three or four weeks has been written at school.  What do I do in the evenings when I sit down to write?  Type what I wrote down on paper earier that day, and then sit there attempting to write more but nothing ever comes.

I don't know what is up with me lately.  It's so weird because I've never been able to get this much writing done at school.  I don't know why that's suddenly the easiest place for me to write.  I think it might be the whole distraction things flipped though.  When I'm writing at school, it's usually because my friends aren't in that class, so I don't really have anything to take my mind off writing, but at home I'm getting a lot more distracted.  I don't get much time to do things at home anymore, so I'm wanting to read or get on the Internet or anything but write.  I expect this will change once the play is over.

The next four days are my fall break.  Maybe I can make some progress.

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