Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Debates, Yearbooks, and Inductions

Next week we're having debates in my AP U.S. history class.  I'm pretty excited for this because I've never actually participated in a debate before.  Being a very quiet person, I'm a little nervous, but I hope it will be fun.  We went to the library to work on it today.  My group with debating Indian removal.  We're on the con side.  Today I got put in charge of our conclusion.  I'm a little worried about it because I have to have something written down, but I also have to be able to change it a bit during the actual debate so it relates to what the other team argued.  I'm really worried because I'm not great at coming up with things on the spot.  If you take out that little bit though, I'm extremely excited about this.

Today was also our second day of watching the movie A Few Good Men in AP English.  Our next paper is going to be about obedience to authority, and we're able to use the movie in the paper.  I'm definitely not complaining about watching a movie for a few days in that class.

We're making some decent progress on the yearbook this week.  We looked at a template for the pages today, and it looks so cool.  I'm really excited for this yearbook.  I have hopes that it'll be pretty great.

I'm not really sure why, but our economics (which is the same class and teacher as government from last quarter) teacher had us form our desks into a circle during class today.  We had a discussion about economic stuff (descriptive I know) like minimum wage, Social Security, etc.  Then we watched a video about China's economy (and how it's tied to the U.S.).

I stayed after school today (just like every day the past few weeks) for play practice.  We didn't do a whole lot today.  I sorted through the makeup and picked out some of the older, used up stuff, and I helped paint just a little bit.  It was actually a bit funny because she asked me to paint because I'm left handed, and she couldn't paint this one bit because she was right handed.

After practice, my sister and I came home for just a little bit before going back to school for the Beta Club induction.  My sister was inducted into Beta Club tonight, and I was taking pictures of the induction for the yearbook.  I didn't get that many good pictures unfortunately.  I stayed in the back because there was no way I was going up to the front, and I had a bit of trouble with the camera (it refused to take pictures at one point).  Still, I think I could enough pictures for us the use for the yearbook.  Ji and I actually have the Beta Club page, which we should start on since we now have pictures from several things.

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