Saturday, October 15, 2011

The End of Finals and a Losing Streak

Today was the last day of our finals at school, so I'm definitely relieved that it's the weekend.

Yesterday we had a lockdown during 4th block.  Today there were police officers walking around school today.  No one (apparently even teachers) know what happened.  There are various rumors, and the biggest one seems to be that some janitor at a local elementary school threatened to kill someone or something.  I definitely don't know if this is true or not.  I just wish they'd tell us what's going on instead of letting rumors spread.  I mean, we saw all of the police officers today.  We know something's going on, and I'd like to know what.

I got the pleasure of starting off the day with an AP U.S. history final.  It wasn't that bad, but it was still a relatively challenging test.  I had a particularly tough time with the essays.  It was harder to come up with specific details when you had to think back on eight chapters instead of just one.  Let's hope I could remember enough.

I'm lucky that our AP English teacher doesn't give us a final.  (They're not really required for AP classes.)  Instead, we spent the class working on our comparative critique papers.  Honestly, working on that paper is probably more challenging than any of the finals I took the past two days.  I had such a hard time focusing on it today though.  I think I wrote about two sentences today.  I spent the longest time trying to think of what to write (and drawing a blank), and then I kept getting distracted by various things.  I think it was because it was a Friday, but I could not focus in that class.

I was in yearbook for about five minutes today before Ji, Alyssa, and I asked to go to our computer application's teacher so we could work on our finals.  Our computer application final consisted of completing twelve applications (which were various types of word documents) and a written test.  I managed to get all of the applications done during what's normally my yearbook class, and I worked on the written test during my actual computer applications class.  I'm glad we went in there because I don't think I would have gotten done on time otherwise.  This class is right before lunch, so seniors get to leave five minutes early (and get lunch first).  When I left early, almost everyone was still working on the written test and this isn't including the applications at least some of them still needed to get done.

After lunch I was off to peer tutor at the middle school like usual.  When I got to the first room I'm usually in, the teacher told me that there weren't going to be any kids in there today, so she sent me over to the classroom I usually spend my second half of peer tutoring time in.  I really didn't do anything today.  For the first half hour or so there were only two kids in there, and they were studying for a health test they had later.  When the next period started, all of the kids took a multiplication test and then spent time doing math stuff on the computer.

We had our government final yesterday, and we're done with the class (Economics starts on Monday), so we did basically nothing.  They but a movie on that was about Gettysburg, but I spent most of the class reading Dear Mr. Potter, which almost had me in tears several times.  It's such a beautiful book.  Towards the end of class, they started popping popcorn in the concession stand right next to the government classroom.  I hate when they do that because it smells so good and instantly makes you want some.  We did get to eat a little bit just like last time they were popping it while we were in there.

I stayed after school for play practice, something I do every day now.  We didn't do a whole lot today.  I helped paint a "closet" (and got paint on my jacket and got a painful splinter) in the process.  I was surprised how quickly practice went by considering I did nothing for about half of it.  We got our shirts at the end of practice.  I like them, but I'm not to fond of the colors.  They're green with the design in yellow.  Yellow is my least favorite color, but I dislike it even more with green for some reason.  I think it reminds me too much of John Deere...

My sister stayed at school for the football game, but I decided to come home.  My school's football team played our biggest rival tonight.  I'm not a huge sports person, and I'm too anti-social to go to games to hang out.  (Football games have never seemed like a good place to do this anyway.)  I should tell you that we hadn't beaten this school in 21 years.  I haven't been to a game this year, but from what I've heard our team isn't any better than they have been the past several years.  (I'm not saying our team is bad.  They just don't particularly stand out.)  Because of this, I really wasn't expecting us to win.  Apparently I was wrong.  Facebook exploded early about how we beat the other school for the first time in 21 years!  Congratulations Rebels!  I may not act like I have school spirit most of the time, but I really do.  I just don't feel the need to go to sporting events or dress up crazily to show it.  So, even though I wasn't at the game, I'm very proud of my school right now.  I can bet that school will be fun on Monday.

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