Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I hope everyone had an awesome Halloween.  Mine wasn't bad, but it definitely wasn't the best either.  It really wasn't very Halloween-ish.

There's really no way to describe last night other than weird.  I feel like I spent most of the night only half asleep.  I kept waking up, but I can only vaguely remember it even though I could out of bed at least two or three times.  I've felt half asleep all day.

Since it was Halloween the first thing we did at school today (after announcements that is) was watching the Halloween parade.  Every year my school lets the people who dressed up to walk down the hallway, and then they choose cutest, scariest, and most original costume.  Ji was taking pictures for yearbook, but it turns out the camera's memory card won't upload to the computer, so we can't really use any of them (or any that we've taken recently).

The only good thing about not being able to use the yearbook camera is that a lot of the teachers recently got iPads, so we can use our yearbook teacher's to take pictures.  Ji and I spent yearbook class walking around the school taking pictures of people who dressed up.  Interestingly, most of the pictures are color-coordinated.  It just so happens that each class tended to have people with the same color costumes.  I think it looks cool.  My favorite pictures we took was of what I'll dub the "black group."  My friend Haley's in the picture with a Slytherin tie and Harry Potter glasses with a terrified look on her face while a vampire is behind her about to bite her neck.  They're not the only ones in the picture, but that's basically the focal point.  We actually got several hilarious ones of that group.  They were the largest and really the only ones who posed in a funny position.

Our computer applications teacher gave us blow pops because it was Halloween, which was pretty awesome.

After school came play practice as usual.  You'll be hearing a lot about the play from me this week as it's dress week, and we open Friday.  This means five and a half hour practices all week.  The awesome part is that we get supper, and there's not really anything left for us to do other than scene changes (and people doing lights and sound), so I have time to do my homework during practice.  (Not that I got much done today during practice.  I don't work well when I have a headache.)  It's weird thinking that the play opens this Friday.  It doesn't feel like this is the seventh week we've been working on it.  Hopefully, everyone who comes to see it enjoys it!

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