Friday, October 21, 2011

Harry Potter Pick Me Up

Do you have books that you constantly find your self picking up whenever you want to feel better?  I do.  Harry Potter.  I can't even tell you the number of times I've picked one of the books up and have instantly felt better.

I think I've mentioned this somewhere online before, but my sister and I used to play this game whenever we had severe weather.  (She's not a Harry Potter fan, but I practically forced her to play with me.)  One of us would open a Harry Potter book to a random page and read a quote, and the other would have to guess which character had said it.  Regina, having never read the books, had a lot harder time with this than I did.  After a while, she'd get frustrated and start giving me one word quotes becuase she didn't want me to guess them.  This game always helped me keep my mind off the severe thunderstorms and tornado warnings/watches.

Harry Potter's cheered me up in a lot of other ways as well.  I always do something related to Harry Potter when I'm feeling down.  It doesn't even have to be one of the books.  I may listen to wizard rock, watch one of the movies, read fanfiction, or anything else that's related to Harry Potter.  When I'm feeling really low, I definitely pick up one of the books because nothing will ever beat them, but there are many other ways Harry Potter helps me at other times as well.

How do you make yourself feel better during scary, sad, etc. times?  Do you have a book (or books) that always makes you feel better?

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