Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dr. Seuss and Economics

We started writing our comparative analysis papers in AP English today.  Our last papers were challenging, but this is definitely the hardest yet.  I sat in front of the computer for what felt like forever before I even got one sentence typed.  It's definitely a tough paper to write.

I brought in my senior picture today for the yearbook.  For some reason, our yearbook teacher decided to show it up on the projector for the whole class.  It's a small class, and everyone's going to see it in the yearbook anway, but it was still awkward.  It's weird having everyone look at your picture and make comments (even though they were all positive).

We got to read Dr. Seuss in Econ(omics) today.  We got into groups and read The Lorax.  Then, we had to identify different economic stuff in it.  After we were finished we watched the cartoon version.  Who would have thought you'd be reading children's books in a high school econ class.  I'd actually never read The Lorax before even though I'd heard a lot about it.  Then, I came home and randomly stumbled upon a new Australian teaser trailer for the new Lorax movie that's coming out.  Weird timing.

This is a random fact that I found out the other day.  Thanks to kids in my grade dropping out, we now have a grand total of 99 kids in my class.  (Honestly though, we've always been just a little over a hundred, so this isn't really huge drop.)  We just keep getting smaller and smaller.  A pretty large portion is also graduating half year, so it'll be interesting to see how many seniors we actually have in school next semester.

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