Monday, November 21, 2011

Favorite Romantic Disney Moments

It's another Disney post!  This one is about my favorite romantic moments in Disney movies.

The end of Beauty and the Beast.  Of course I have to start this post with Beauty and the Beast.  Belle and the Beast are my favorite Disney couple, and I love the end of the movie so much.  Belle's also the only Disney princess on this list because I honestly don't like the romances with any of the other princesses.  I feel like out of all the Disney princess movies, Belle and the Beast are the only ones who really seem to fall in love with each other (except maybe Aladdin and Jasmine because I really like them too).

The ballroom dance scene in Beauty and the Beast.  This is a close tie with the other Beauty and the Beast scene.

The spaghetti scene in Lady and the Tramp.  This has pretty much become a classic scene that everyone recognizes.

EVE "kisses" WALL-E in WALL-E.  These two are so adorable for the whole movie.

Simba and Nala during Can You Feel the Love Tonight in The Lion King.  I love the two of them so much!

Jane deciding to stay with Tarzan in Tarzan.  I love the romance between them, and I love when she decides to stay.

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