Monday, November 7, 2011

Harry Potter vs. Hunger Games vs. Twilight

Comparisons between Harry Potter and Twilight are everywhere.  You see them less and less now.  (Now, it tends to be Hunger Games vs. Twilight or even Harry Potter, which is just as bad.)  Still, I see the comparison pop up every so often.  I think comparing series like this is one of my biggest pet peeves.

What do Harry Potter, Twilight, and The Hunger Games have in common?  Nothing really.  Sure, both Harry Potter and Twilight have vampires and werewolves, but they're not even similar vampires and werwolves.  The Hunger Games isn't even fantasy but dystopian.  I've never understood why people insist on making comparisons between the three.  You can't compare things that are so unalike.

Yes, I know most of this comes from the fact that all three are extremely popular book series there were or are being turned into films, but I don't think that makes it reasonable to compare them to the extent people have.  I hate that almost everytime I see an article on one of the three (other than on fansites) one of the other two is almost always mentioned.  For the most part, it doesn't happen when talking about Harry Potter and not so much Twilight anymore, but almost everytime I see something about The Hunger Games, the article will also mention Harry Potter or, more often, Twilight.

I just wish this would stop.  Why can't the three series remain separate.  They're way too different to be compared.

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