Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thank You, Internet

I'm sure every writer has at least one author that they look up to.  I have quite a few.  One thing about the Internet, is it allows you to learn more about people you wouldn't otherwise know.  Before the Internet, people just read books and didn't really know much about the people who wrote them.  (I assume.  This was before my time...)  Thanks to the Internet, I now follow some of my favorite authors on twitter, read their blogs, and even watch their Youtube videos.  I love it.  Before, authors had a lot of anonymity.  They still can if they want to (although maybe not to the same extent), but they can also interact with readers a lot more.

Not only is this great for the authors, it's also great for the readers and those who hope to become published authors some day.  I love that I can learn more about the people who write such great books.  As someone who wants to be an author, I enjoy learning more about what being an author's really like.  If I'd been born twenty or so years ago I wouldn't have that.  I don't even know if I would have wanted to become an author.  It's entirely possible that I would never have paid attention to the fact that someone put a whole lot of work into each book that I pick up.  I may not have considered writing to even be a career possibility.

The Internet is great for many different reasons, but I am incredibly thankful that it has allowed me to interact with amazing authors that never would have been possible before.  I may even have the Internet to thank for bringing the career of writing to my attention.

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