Sunday, December 25, 2011

Daily Websites

There are quite a few website that I enjoy visiting.  Some of them, such as Twitter and Tumblr, are obvious is you follow me on them.  There are some sites that I try to visit every day, but they're not social networking sites.  In this post, I'm going to list some sites I go to regularly.  Most of them are news sites that I visit to keep up to date on different things I'm interested in.

Mugglenet.  Mugglenet was the first Harry Potter site I started visiting, and I still visit it everyday.  I also love Leaky, and visit it sometimes, but Mugglenet is typically my go-to place for Harry Potter news.

TwilightSource.  I sometimes visit other Twilight fansites, but TwilightSource is the only one I check regularly.  It's all powered by Hypable now, but I still check the site rather than just looking for Twilight news on Hypable.  I've gone here for Hunger Games news since the site was started.  It's part of the Page to Premiere Network, and I also visit the main site.  It's news about any book to movie adaptations.  For some reason the main site hasn't been working for me lately, so I haven't visited in a while.  I always get a white screen.  I have no idea what that's about.

Dongbu Feng.  I've been going here for Avatar: The Last Airbender news for several years now.  Even though Avatar news is somewhat rare these days, I still check the site regularly.  I also sometimes check AvatarSpirit.

Disneylicious.  This site posts Disney stuff.  It's not typically news really, but I still check it regularly.

MiceChat.  This is a great site for theme park news.  A lot of it is Disney, but they also post stuff about other theme parks, such as Universal.  It always makes me wish I was there.

Disney Parks Blog.  This is the official blog for the Disney parks.  I usually check it every day just to see what's going on.  (Can you tell that I wish I was at Disney World all of the time?)  I always check this site to look at Broadway news.  (I always daydream about seeing shows on Broadway too.)  This is the site that I check for movie news.  It posts trailers, release dates, and any other type of news pertaining to movies.

There are other sites that I check every day, but they're mainly social networking sites or blogs, and it would take me forever to go through all of those.  Plus, there are lots of awesome sites that I like visiting but don't have time for every day.  The ones I listed here are just the ones I visit almost every day.

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