Sunday, December 4, 2011

Hogwarts Classes

I don't believe I've mentioned on here yet that I'll be one of the astronomy professors over on myHogwarts.  I'm really looking forward to it, and I can't wait to get started!  How I ended up applying as an astronomy professor as opposed to another subject is kind of interesting.  When I applied to be a professor, there were only a few subjects on the list to apply for.  I think it was just astronomy, herbology, and (maybe) potions (although when I went back later the list was longer, but oh well).  I chose astronomy because it is something that I'm actually interested in in real life.

If I were to really attend Hogwarts, I think astronomy would be one of my favorite subjects.  I took an astronomy class in school last year and loved it.  When my family went to Kennedy Space Center last year (which was actually for my brother who also loves space), I had so much fun.  I think it would be extremely cool to become an astronomer if it didn't require so much math.  Luckily, the astronomy class I took didn't involve much math, and from what we see of Hogwarts, their astronomy class doesn't seem to either, so I think I'd enjoy it a lot.

It's hard to judge how much I'd enjoy the other classes of Hogwarts.  I've never done magic.  Maybe I'd hate performing spells in charms and transfiguration.  I'm a huge history nerd, so I'd probably be one of the very few to get enjoyment out of history of magic (although Binns teaching wouldn't be so great).  I'd probably enjoy care of magical creatures as I love animals, but I can't see myself being that into herbology.

One thing I do know for sure:  I'd hate potions.  Potions require getting too many things exactly right.  I'd hate potions for the same reason I hate doing crafts.  I feel like everything has to be perfect (and in potions it really does have to be), and I'd just get frustrated when I am unable to get it perfect.  Potions would probably drive me mad.

What do you think your favorite and least favorite Hogwarts class would be?

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  1. Funny thing is that I just discovered myHogwarts the other day, then I find out you're a professor! Haha. What a coinky dink!

    I would hate potions too, I think. In science classes, I always hated the practical lessons, so I'm pretty sure that it would be the same for Potions.

    In saying that... I'm also more into science than I am in social science, so things like History of Magic or Muggle Studies wouldn't be my thing.

    I'm thinking maybe Ancient Runes would be my favourite, because I like language, and it's sort of the same...

    I'm seriously not quite sure!

    I'm Selene Hurne on myHogwarts, by the way :) It's good to be reading your blog again!