Thursday, December 22, 2011

Less Homework, More Writing Time

It's so strange being on Christmas break and not having homework I need to work on.  I have one essay that I have to write for AP U.S. history.  However, it's practice for the AP exam, so we're supposed to write it in forty minutes.  I'm going to wait until after Christmas to do that.  I also have some college stuff to do, but this isn't anywhere near the amount of things I had to do before break.  I am so happy to get a break from all of that and relax for a little bit.

I got so much writing done last night and today.  It was great.  It had been months since I'd been able to sit down and get that much written without having to stop and do homework or something.  I'm getting so excited about everything because I'm close to finishing the first draft too.  I'm hoping I'll get it done by the end of the year since I have more time to write now, but if I get caught up in holiday and family stuff it probably won't happen.  Still, I can hope.

Only three more days until Christmas!

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