Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Long Day with Awesome People

It's late, and I'm extremely tired.  However, there are a few things I want to blog about before I forget.  This post will probably be a little disjointed and jumpy.  I'm just trying to get things down before I fall asleep.

I love when Harry Potter comes up somehow in everyday life.  Yesterday my yearbook teacher's daughter was there, and she played The Mysterious Ticking Noise for those of us in the classroom (a lot of the class was over in the computer lab).  No one had seen it before.  I got so excited when I realized what she was playing.

Today Jordan and Haley started writing A Very Potter Musical and A Very Potter Sequel quotes on the dry erase board in AP English.  Everyone kept asking what AVPM and AVPS stood for, and no one really knew what the quotes were.

We had a fire drill during econ today.  Those are always fun during the winter.  We also finished watching a movie called Madison.  I may do a post on it later...

This evening my grandma, Aunt Kate, Aunt Linda, mom, sister Regina, cousin Danielle, and I all went to Red Lobster.  It's my grandma, Aunt Kate, and mom's birthdays soon, so it was their birthday dinner.  It was a whole lot of fun.  We also went by my Uncle Ken and Aunt Linda's before and after.  Four of the male cousins and my brother where there while we were at Red Lobster.  I'm always guaranteed to have a good time when I'm with my cousins.  They're always doing something interesting.

After all of that, my mom, sister, and I went to the mall to do some Christmas shopping.  It was late and I don't like shopping, so I really just wanted to go home.  Then I remembered that Summer works in the mall and had told me earlier she was working tonight.  I have seen her since July!  (I need a car and more time...)  I wasn't sure if she was still there or not, but when we entered the store she works at, sure enough she was there.  She looked up at me and Regina, looked back at what she was doing, and then looked back up and realized it was us.  She immediately started talking loud enough that the whole store could hear.  She hugged me and started telling everyone, "This is my best friend since first grade."  She got so excited.  Haha.  We couldn't stay long, and she had to work.  Still, it was awesome to get to see her.  I don't get to see her nearly enough anymore, and talking using a phone or computer just isn't the same.

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