Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Sweat Pants Day

Today is the seventh day of Christmas break, and I'm wearing sweat pants during the day for the first time in years.  Normally, I only wear sweat pants to sleep in because I feel lazy when I wear them otherwise.  However, I got senior sweat pants about a month ago and another pair for Christmas, so I decided to wear a pair today.  Actually, I'm wearing senior sweat pants, a senior shirt, and a senior hoodie.  It's a bit rediculous, but I'm not leaving the house anyway.

Tomorrow my cousin is coming over to play with my brother.  Although it's techinically a playdate, it means my sister and I are essentially going to be babysitting him, which means at least one of us has to be up at eight thirty in the morning when he gets here.  I'll have completely good intentions of getting up, but then I'll just stay in bed completely forgetting about it.  One of us (probably Regina, not gonna lie) will probably jump out of bed and run down there when we here someone knocking at the door.

I can't believe it's already past five.  Today went by fast even though I just sat around in my sweat pants all day.  I've actually been reading fanfiction most of the day...  I also edited a video, which will be up in a few minutes.  As soon as that's up I'm going to finish working on the my last college application that I didn't get to work on yesterday thanks to our Internet problems.

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