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Avatar Shipping: Kataang

This is the next post in my series on Avatar: The Last Airbender shipping.  I've also written an introductory post and one on Zutara.  This post will definitely contain some spoilers on the series.

My Opinion

I've shipped Kataang since the very first episode aired.  I watched the first two episodes during re-runs the day after they premiered when I was eleven years old.  To me, it was obvious that Aang had a crush on Katara, and I already knew that I wanted them to be a couple.  During the lead up to the finale I was freaking out about whether or not Katara and Aang would be a couple at the end.  I remember pacing through the house after Ember Island Players aired annoying my family because I wouldn't stop ranting about how mad Katara had made me in that episode.  Oh, and my family was not amused when I screamed during the last scene of the finale.  I'm just a bit obsessed.  They're one of my favorite fictional couples of all-time.

Why do people ship Kataang?

Everyone's going to have different reasons of course, but for me it just made sense.  I watched the first episode and knew they would be together.  The only time I actually doubted they would be together was after Ember Island Players.  (Man, did they choose a good place to put that conversation.)  After the first episode, Aang's crush on Katara was obvious to me, and by the Fortune Teller I could see Katara starting to reciprocate those feelings.  By season three (or even Cave of Two Lovers) it just felt like Katara and Aang's future relationship was being shoved in my face.

I typically ship canon, but I'm not necessarily that into them.  If I can tell a couple's going to end up together, I accept it and don't usually ship them with someone else (although the one exception to that rule happens to be an Avatar ship).  It's the canon ships that I really like that I tend to become fanantical about.  There's just something about Aang and Katara as a couple that I love.  I've realized over the years that almost all of my favorite couples fall under one of two categories (or sometimes both):  they either argue constantly or start off as best friends.  Aang and Katara obviously fall under the second category.  I love watching their friendship evolve into a romantic relationship.

There are so many moments in the series that help convince me they're perfect for each other.  Katara's constantly the one there for Aang when he's in the Avatar State.  Aang gave up the power of the Avatar State to save Katara (although I personally believe the guru was mistaken as Aang obviously gained the Avatar State later).  There are just so many moments throughout the series that show Aang and Katara being there for each other.  Some people like to claim that Katara is too much like a mother to Aang, and it's true that Katara has a very motherly personality, but I would describe their relationship as best friends over everything.  Katara just likes taking care of people.

(I did a "Why some people believe it would be canon" section for Zutara, but I don't think that's needed for this post.  Kataang obviously was canon, and I already described why I (and I assume other Kataang shippers) thought it would be.)

Fan Works

I've been reading Kataang fanfiction for years, and I have a bunch of old fan videos in my favorites.  A lot of these will probably be older, but I shifted through my favorites to find them.  It's hard to find Kataang (or any type of Avatar) fan videos these days (although that will probably change with Korra).  I haven't looked at much Kataang fan art over the years, but I went to DeviantArt to try and find some.

Fan Fiction

Amira Elizabeth:  She's a fanfiction author, but you should check out everything she's written.  She's one of my favorite Avatar fanfic writers and basically all of her stuff is Kataang.  She doesn't really post much anymore, but her stories are definitely worth checking out.

Destiny's Call:  This is actually a sequel to another fanfiction, but I happen to love this one.  The author also has other Avatar fanfiction, and she's one of the author's I constantly think of when I think of Avatar fanfiction.  She's written for quite a few fandoms though.

Lyralocke:  She was another one of my favorite Kataang writers.  Unfortunately she passed away almost two years ago.  She was in the process of writing Parlor Tricks which is an AU (alternate universe) that basically places the Avatar story in a city during the 20's.  Even though it's unfinished, it's one of my absolute favorite Kataang stories.  I highly recommend it.

Avatar: The Fire War Renaissance:  This is the only story on this list still being written, although I believe it's very close to being done.  It takes place after the series ends, and is basically about the aftermath of the war.  It's not all about Kataang, but there's definitely enough Kataang in the story to make a Kataang shipper happy.

Looking through my favorites, I've pretty much favorited every Avatar story from the two author's above and by the author's of the two stories I mentioned.  You should definitely check them out.  Plus, you can find tons of good Avatar fanfiction if you search for it.

Fan Videos

At The Beginning:  I have to include this video because I remember becoming obsessed with how this song applied to Kataang after I first watched it.

Love Story:  I can see a lot of people not liking the song choice, but I think it's a cute video.

Kataang All in MEP and Happy: These two are newer and uploaded by the same person.  They have more effects and things than the first two.

A lot of the videos that used to be in my favorites have been deleted, so I couldn't find a lot of the ones I had watched in the past.

Fan Art

Here are the search results for the all-time most popular Kataang artwork on DeviantArt

If you are a Kataang shipper and would like to say something about why you ship the ship or recommend a fanfiction, fan video, or fan art please comment below.  I'll probably add it to this post.

Can you believe The Promise is going to be out in five days?  I've managed to stay away from most of the spoilers although I have heard some things unfortunately.  I've also heard part two is already able to be preodered.  Hopefully, I'll be able to order it soon!

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