Sunday, January 29, 2012

Avatar Shipping: Teoph

This is the fifth of my Avatar shipping posts.  You can read the introduction and find a list of all of the other posts here.  This post will be about Teoph or Teo/Toph.

My Opinion

I'm not a Teoph fan.  To me, it always seemed like a horrible idea to pair the two disabled characters together.  I know that's not why a lot of people ship it.  Some people just like their personalities together, but the idea of it still irks me.  It becomes even worse when you consider what exactly each of their disabilities are.  Toph's blind and can only "see" when her feet are touching the ground.  Teo can't walk and loves to use his glider.  Toph's happiest on the ground.  Teo's happiest in the sky.  You could use the opposites attract argument, but I just don't like it.

Why do people ship Teoph?

While I don't like it, I'm sure there are some that ship Toph and Teo together because they're disabled.  I've heard some people mention things about how both were able to overcome their disabilities, and that would help them relate to each other.  I can see that to a certain degree.  Other than that, I haven't heard many reasons about why people ship them.  It's not an insanely popular ship, so there probably aren't too many reasons why people ship it.  Although, I'm sure you could find a few people who ship it and think Toph and Teo just make a good couple.

Fan Works


The Wonderful World of Teoph:  This was a community I was able to find on that has 21 Teoph fanfictions in it.  In fact, it was the only Teoph community I could find.

Fan Videos

Here is a search I did for Teoph videos on Youtube.  I'm sure some of them are really well done.

Fan Art

Here are the search results for the most popular Teoph artwork of all time on deviantArt.

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