Monday, January 23, 2012

Avatar Shipping: Tokka

This is the third (or fourth if we count the intro) post in my Avatar: The Last Airbender shipping series.  You can also read the intro, Zutara, and Kataang.  This post will be about Tokka (Toph/Sokka).  (This might not be as good as my other shipping posts.  I just got home from work, and it's late.  I'm kind of having to rush this.)

My Opinion

In my Kataang post, I mentioned that the one exception to me shipping something that condradicted a canon couple was in Avatar.  Tokka happens to be that exception.  They're one of the only couples I ship that aren't canon, and they're definitely the one I'm most passionate about.

I didn't start shipping Tokka on my own.  I just accepted Sukka (Sokka/Suki) although I wasn't incredibly into it like Kataang.  Then, I was listening to a Tokka shipper talk about why they ship Tokka on an Avatar podcast, and I realized that it really was a cute ship.  (This was around the time the first half of season three was airing I think.)  It didn't take long before I was shipping Tokka.

I love how they interact.  As with Kataang, I love their relationship as friends first and foremost, so I wasn't incredibly bothered about them not ending up with each other.  I never really thought it would be canon anyway.  I hoped (a lot), but I didn't fool myself into believing it had an incredibly good chance with Sukka.  I love their interactions though.  I think they're personalities make for incredibly amusing moments.

Why do people ship Tokka?

I think a lot of people like Tokka because of how Toph and Sokka interact.  Their sarcasm and senses of humor just mesh together to make all of their interactions amusing (at least in some people's opinion).  Then, there's Toph's crush on Sokka.  In the end nothing comes of it, but it's still there which helps give some credibility to the ship.

Fan Works
(I'm not going to put many of these right now.  Hopefully, I'll come back and add more later.)


I'd Lie:  This is an AU (alternate universe) fanfiction, which means it takes place in our world.  I know that's not going to be everyone's type of story, but I think this was the first Tokka fanfiction I read and really enjoyed.  The author also has quite a few other Tokka stories.

The Escapades of the Blind Bandit and Meathead:  I think I posted about this author on my Kataang post.  This is another Tokka story that was one of the first I read and enjoyed.

The View From His Back:  This author has several Tokka fanfics.  This is the most recent one (although several are currently being written).

Fan Videos

Here are search results for a Tokka search on Youtube.  I've watched and enjoyed several of them (of the ones that came up when I did the search).

Fan Art

Here are the search results for the most popular Tokka art of alltime in deviantArt.

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