Monday, January 2, 2012

A Lazy Last Day of Break

Today's the last day of my winter break.  On one hand, break seems to have flown by, and on the other, it feels like forever since school ended.  I'm a little excited to go back and see people again.  I'm even excited for some of the classes I'm starting this semester.  On the other hand, I still have an essay I have to finish writing for AP U.S. history, and I'm not too excited about homework.

I'm spending my last day of break being lazy.  My brother and sister went to the movies with my grandma, and I decided to stay home and do nothing.  I had a lot of trouble sleeping last night, which led to me sleeping in way too late this morning.  I just hope I can fall asleep at a somewhat decent time tonight, so I can wake up tomorrow feeling at least kind of awake.

I did manage to film a book review earlier that will be edited, uploaded, and posted here later today.  I want to watch an episode of Naruto later today, so I can review the story arc soon.  And, of course, I have to finish that essay for school.  So, I'm accomplishing some things today, but overall, it'll be lazy.

Tomorrow is the first day of my last semester of high school!  I can't believe I have less than five months of school left.  That's just insane.

Oh, and it snowed today and actually stuck to the ground!  That's the first time this year!  It's very light and melted quickly, but I still got to see it.  It might still be snowing actually.  I'd have to look outside and see.

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