Friday, January 6, 2012

One Week Into the Semester

It's only the first weekend of the semester, and I'm already relieved that it's Friday.  My sleep schedule is still really screwed up from break, so I'm extremely thankful to have a day to sleep in.  Still, school's going really well so far, and I think it'll be a good last semester.  (I still can't believe it's my last semester in high school...)

My books seem to fall off my desk in AP English a lot...  I attribute this to the amount of books I have to carry to AP U.S. history and AP English.  If you watched the video I uploaded the other day, I talked about the bruises on my arm from carrying the books.  I have to carry a binder, and the books I stack on top of it always seem to slide off my desk.  Anyway, I'm telling you this because my books fell again today (while I wasn't at my desk just like all the other times), and someone picked them up for me.  They missed my planner, and I never noticed it was gone until two classes later.  I ended up rushing back to the room before psychology to get it, and it was laying under one of the desks.  I'm just glad someone didn't pick it up and mess with it.  (Junior year a freshmen got a hold of my calculator that I left in accounting and messed around with it before the teacher found it.)

We had a food day in yearbook today!  That's always a plus.  I was particularly happy because lunch was especially nasty today, so I wasn't as hungry when there wasn't much to eat.

In psychology we started a documentary on Freud.  I'll admit that I've never really known much about what Freud taught.  I'd heard bits and pieces of course, but that was it.  It's really interesting though.  I don't think I agree with a lot of it, but he has some very interesting thoughts.  I think most of it is a valid theory, and I can see how he could come up with this stuff, even if I don't necessarily agree with it.

We finished a current events quiz game in current events today, and my team came in first!  We're apparently playing this game every week, and we'll have the same teams.  He also said we're being graded based on how well we do on the game, so hopefully our team can keep that up!  I don't know how I feel about that type of grading though.  There are four teams, and we apparently get an A, B, C, or D based on what place we get.  I know he has to get grades somehow since it's all current events stuff, but I don't know how fair that really is.  Most of it involved every team guessing and using any clues we could get anyway.  (For example, one question asked what communist country this guy came from.  We could tell his name was Spanish, so we just guessed Cuba and got it right.  It had nothing to do with actually knowing the answer.)

I don't think I'm going to blog all weekend.  It'll be nice to go a couple of days without blogging.  I probably won't really be filming any videos.  I filmed one earlier that I'll put up tonight, and I may film one Sunday.  Overall though I think I'm taking a break this weekend (other than for homework).

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