Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Problem with Political Parties

I finished reading the prologue of the Canterbury Tales today for English.  We each have something we have to take notes on as we read, and mine's the corruption of the church.  So far I'm enjoying reading it.  It's not my favorite thing in the world, but I'm not bored by it either.

We had our second test in psychology, and it was a whole lot easier than our first one.  The first one I was really unsure about, but this one I felt confident that I knew most of it when I was taking it.  It helps that the material was a lot more interesting.

In current events, we went to the computer lab to look up all of the presidential candidates (all of the Republicans and Obama).  We're supposed to choose one, and we're going to do a report on why you should vote for them.  I really have no idea who I'm going to do.  Obama's out because too many people want to do him, and the teacher wants people to do the Republican candidates too.  My problem is I'm really moderate.  I half agree with Republicans and half with Democrats.  There's not one candidate that I support even a majority of their views.  It makes things difficult.  I would go by the issues that are most important to me, but that's divided by party too.  I still have no idea who I'm going to vote for...  This is why I hate parties.  I want more variety in the people I can vote for.  I don't want people from a huge group that have to believe a certain set of principles because they want approval from their party.  Who's chosen as the Republican candidate is important, but overall, every single one of them is preaching the exact same thing.

I was supposed to work today, but my sister wound up not having play practice and worked for me instead because she wanted the money.  I want the money too, but I'm not complaining about the day off.  I have more homework than usual this week because we have less time to get our chapter 19 stuff done for AP U.S. history.  (We're behind.)  It's taking me forever to get just the part I wanted to get done today done.  It'd be taking even longer if I were at work.

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