Wednesday, February 29, 2012

From Tornadoes to a Sunny, Beautiful Day

Today I woke up to find out we have a two hour delay because of a tornado warning. Usually I love two hour delays. It's two extra hours of sleep! All I could do for at least half an hour this morning was lay awake and listen to the storm outside. I even got up a few times to make sure there weren't any tornadoes outside. (Storms make me paranoid.) Eventually it calmed down, and I was able to sleep. However, after getting to school I heard that there had actually been funnel clouds in towns near us. Scary.

We watched First Knight for the second day in AP English today. I'm really enjoying the movie, but we're supposed to look for symbolism, and I'm not sure how good I am at finding symbolism in movies.

Today was the deadline for some if our yearbook pages, and one of ours didn't get done because we're missing pictures from a couple science classes, and the teachers haven't gotten back to our yearbook teacher saying we can take pictures of their class. Hopefully we get that done soon.

The second debate in psychology was today. Each day there has been one team that pretty much everyone has voted for. Our debate is tomorrow. Hopefully it goes well!

We got our latest probability and statistics test back today. I messed up while typing a set of numbers in my calculator and then got almost every question pertaining to that set of numbers wrong. Let's just say I'm not too proud of that test score.

It's been such a nice today since the storms quit earlier. It was spring weather this afternoon (which means tornadoes). I'm nit complaining since spring is my favorite time of year (aside from the tornadoes).

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