Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hunger Games Trailer, Canterbury Tales, and More

This weekend seems to have gone by fast.  I was looking forward to resting, but for some reason I don't feel rested at all.  I feel just as tired as I did Friday night even though I got a decent amount of sleep and didn't do anything to wear me out.

I watched the Hunger Games trailer when it aired on TV during the Super Bowl pre-show.  It's the same one that was released online earlier this week, but it was awesome to see it on TV.  We actually have the pre-show recorded on the DVR just for the trailer.

I haven't done much this weekend.  Tonight's the second part of the Catholicism video series my church is doing, and that'll be the only time I've done anything this weekend except for church.

I'm in the middle of reading the Nun's Priest's Tale from the Canterbury Tales, but I can't make myself focus on it.  I keep zoning out as I'm reading, and I can't remember anything I just read.  I'll get it done before I have to go to the video thing later though.

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