Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wife of Bath's Tale and Student Court

I'm doing my second blog post of the day on my iPhone since I know I won't have time when I get home.

I read the Wife of Bath's Tale from The Canturbury Tales today for English. It was interesting. I like how the Wife of Bath wanted to be equal to her husbands, which was unheard of then. I didn't much like the actual story though. It's just odd to be people today I guess. I like it as literature but not as a story if that makes sense.

We got out of writing notes in psychology because we spent the whole time talking about school rules and punishments. Our teacher had us come up with ideas yesterday, and some people had interesting ideas. Jordan and Alex suggested a student court for certain things where students would form a jury and the principal would be judge. I think that's a really cool idea.

I haven't gotten much sleep this week (a combination of going to bed late and just not being able to sleep), so I'm looking forward to Friday. It's been a somewhat long week.

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