Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Rest of the Year

This is another post that's going to be typed on my iPhone.

It's February 2nd, which means we're already a month into 2012. Thinking about it makes me a bit nervous. This is a big year for me. (I just hope the world doesn't end.)

There are some things happening that not all people would understand my excitement for. There was The Promise Part 1 that was released, and I'm still looking forward to the other parts. Beauty and the Beast was rereleased in 3D. Star Wars is being rereleased. Hunger Games is coming out in March, and Breaking Dawn Part 2 will be out in November. Nickelodeon announced in January that Korra will be out sometime this year. That's all awesome stuff, and who knows what other things will happen in the various fandoms this year.

However, that's not really what I'm talking about. It's already a month into the year, but I keep getting more and more excited for two very big things that will happen later this year: high school graduation and starting college. I just got my third college acceptance letter two days ago, and I'm beyond excited. It's for a college that I know I would love to attend. However, I still have to hear back from my number one choice, and I'm just a little worried about that.

There are a tin mire things to work out when it comes to college. I still have to fill out a financial aid form (this weekend), attempt to get scholarships, decide on a school, and actually get to that school, get through financial stuff, and everything else going to college requires. Somedays I feel like I'm going to tear my hair out in frustration. I can't let myself think of everything I gave to do because it drives me insane. I have to focus on one thing at a time.

Still, overall I'm just excited to finally start college. Don't get me wrong. High school was/is fun, and I'll miss it to a certain extent, but i'm just really excited to start college. Plus, I have all of the other fun things I mentioned to look forward to for the next eleven months.

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