Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tests and Debates

Going back to school after a three day weekend always makes the day feel a whole lot longer.

I had the pleasure of starting the day with an AP U.S. history test. It wasn't that bad though.

We got into groups and chose topics for the debate we're having in psychology today. Neither Jordan nor Haley were there, but the teacher went ahead and put them in a group with me. As the only one in our group, I was the only one there to chose our topic. All the groups paired off, and the only group left wanted to debate whether or not drug addiction is a disease. I agreed since the topic I really wanted had been taken, and Haley and Jordan weren't there to give their input. Hopefully that goes well...

I'm at work now, and writing this on my phone. It's pretty slow, and time is dragging on. Plus, I forgot to do something yesterday that I need to do when I get home. I may wait until tomorrow if it's too late when I get home.

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