Monday, March 26, 2012

Breaking Dawn Part 2 Teaser Trailer Thoughts

I was lucky to see the Breaking Dawn Part 2 teaser trailer for the first time on the big screen at the Hunger Games midnight premiere.  I was really looking forward to seeing it and based on the cheers when Jacob was on screen, I assume other people there were too.  Oddly enough, I only heard screams when Jacob appeared and not when Edward or Bella did.  Maybe I just blocked the others from my mind?

I have to say, the first shot of Bella holding up her hand and looking at it doesn't really show her new "vampireness."  She's talking about not being ordinary anymore, but her hand doesn't look any different.  Maybe if she was really a vampire it would, but she's not and it looks the same.  Maybe I'm being too critical, but I just feel like I'm looking at a normal hand.  It's nothing exciting.  At least the clips of her running actually show proof that she's not human anymore.

And then it shows Jacob walking out of the house and talking to Bella, and of course that made me happy.  I'm pretty sure his line is straight from the book, and I'm almost positive it's from the scene when her and Edward come back after Bella hunts for the first time.  I'm so excited for that scene!

I love when Bella looks up at the screen and opens her eyes to show the audience their red.  It just seems like such an epic moment.  I wonder if that was edited especially for the trailer though.  She seems to be looking right at the camera, and I don't think that would be the first time we'd see her eyes in the actual movie.  I'm not saying that scene isn't in the movie, but it's probably not really how it is in the trailer.

And then after the Breaking Dawn logo, we get a quick shot of Bella hunting which is also quite cool.  Only about eight months until the movie...

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