Sunday, March 4, 2012

Exhaustion Makes Me Ramble

Today has been a busy day.  I'm surprised I even got around to writing this post.

My parents, grandma, Aunt Becky, and I all went to our diocese's cathedral in Evansville today because I was receiving the Saint Maria Goretti award.  I was extremely nervous about it because I wasn't sure what to expect.  I always freak out when I have no idea what's going to happen in a situation.  It went well though.  We had mass, and then they presented us (there were a lot of kids from parishes in the diocese) with our awards.

I was surprised when mass started because our old priest who left our parish about five months ago was one of the priests on the altar with the bishop.  (There were multiple priests up there during the mass although the bishop was the one to actually say mass.)  I wasn't expecting to see him, and it was the first time I'd seen him since he left.  He came up to talk to us at the reception afterward, which was nice.  He called me by my sister's name at first though, which was quite funny.  He used to do that a lot when he first came to our parish (most people do), but he got it straightened out after a while.  Then he explained that he'd always remembered our names because I was the oldest and "h" comes before "r" in the alphabet.  (My sister's name is Regina.)  I found that amusing.  But anyway, it was nice to see him.

I was also surprised that our current priest and our church's secretary were there for the mass as well.  I didn't see them until mass was over because I sat away from my family for the mass.  After I got my award, I went over to my family, and they were back there sitting with my family and the family of the other boy from our parish who got the award.  I shouldn't have been surprised really.  We talked to them during the reception too. Since our new priest has only been there for a few months, it was the first time I'd really talked to him outside of church.  He's really quite amusing.  He acts a lot like my dad, which is really obvious when they talk to each other.  My grandma made the comment that he acts just like my dad and his brothers and even kind of looks like them.  (He's about their age too.)  He had been talking to some people, and when he walked over to where we were sitting, he came up behind me and balanced his cup on my head.  Then he just sat there making jokes with my dad.  He's definitely the most amusing priest I've ever met.

After that we finally made it home, and I had tons of homework to do even though I'd tried to get it mostly done the day before.  I'm so exhausted (believe me, it was longer than it sounds in this post) that getting homework done was hard.  This post is probably completely incoherent.  What amuses me is that, when I'm exhausted like this, I can hardly force myself to start writing a blog post, but if I'm able to force myself, I just start writing and it doesn't stop.  My longest blog posts are the ones that I absolutely have to force myself to write, but then my slightly delusional brain just kind of takes over and writes.  Chances are good that I could read this post tomorrow and cringe because I probably worded things weird and have sentences structured oddly.  I know I'm making a ton of spelling errors that I have to go back and fix.  There's no telling how many grammar errors my brain is just too tired to notice.

On that note I'm actually going to shut up and stop writing this huge ramble.

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