Thursday, March 8, 2012

Finals Means Less Homework

I was supposed to work today, but this morning I found out that my sister was going to work for me instead while I worked for her Sunday.  Sunday is probably my least favorite day to work, but at least I get today off.  I also don't really have any homework, so I plan on getting some scholarship applications filled out tonight.  (No homework is just about the only plus to finals.)

Our next chapter in AP U.S. history is all of the stuff leading to World War II (Hitler and Mussolini gaining power, Japan invading Manchuria, Pearl Harbor, etc.), and I'm incredibly excited.  We're getting into one of my favorite time periods to study.  It's a short chapter, which means the test should be rather easy, and then we get into the actual war next chapter.

In the classes that I didn't have finals in today, the teachers really just let us study for our other finals.  Since I only had two finals, and I wasn't really worried about either, I just kind of worked ahead in AP U.S. history.  With it being a short chapter, I really don't have that much to do.  I'm not complaining.

I'm feeling pretty good about the two finals I had today.  There are only a couple of things on one of the finals (probability and statistics) that I'm slightly worried about.

It was a pretty good day, especially since there wasn't much homework, and I'm so glad finals are over.  It's been raining constantly today though, which makes the day a little less awesome...  I hate rainy weather.

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