Tuesday, March 6, 2012

In which I mean to talk about my day, but then don't...

This week is finals at my school, which means it's also incredibly busy, and I think I'm going to be getting even less sleep than normal.  Tomorrow is the first day of finals, and I have three.  Hopefully it all goes well.

I feel as if there were eventful, slightly interesting parts to my day, but after the massive headache I had for hours earlier and work, I can't remember any of it.  I really meant for this to be a somewhat substantial post, but I'm having a hard time thinking at the moment.  I guess that's a sign to go to bed, so I'll actually be awake for finals tomorrow!

Oh! There are two quick things I want to mention, and both of them actually have to do with my little sister.  First, she got her license today!  She actually came and picked me up from work, and I rode with her in the car.  I've been in a car with her driving before, but one of our parents was always there.  It felt so weird.  Now I can get rides from her to school instead of the bus.  (Also, I really don't care that my little sister has her license and I don't, since I absolutely abhor driving, but I really wish people would stop giving me strange looks or making comments about how stupid I am for not getting my license every time it's mentioned that my sister is driving and I'm not.  It's seriously getting old.)  Second, my sister and some of her friends had to make a video for their AP world history class.  My sister's group did one on the French revolution, and my sister plays Marie Antoinette.  (There isn't a single historical figure that I can think of that she would be more suitable playing.)  The video is hilarious.  How can it not be when my sister not only gets cake thrown in her face, but she also plays with Barbie dolls (including chopping their heads off with a knife).  You guys can watch the video here.

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