Monday, March 19, 2012

Is it a Bedroom or a Library?

Anyone who's watched my Youtube videos before has probably seen at least a little bit of my room.  It's not an entirely neat place.  In most of my videos, you can see a few messily stacked piles of books behind me.  If you've watched my room tour, you've probably seen that the tops of my dresser and desk are basically invisible under the stacks of books and various other things.  I've never shown my closet in a video, but if I ever had, you would see that it's even worse than my room.  You can't even see the floor of my closet.  You want to know what's covering the floor of my closet?  More books.  I really need more shelf space...

When I write or say things like this, it makes me realize just how many books I own.  Usually, it doesn't seem like I have that many, but when I stop and think about it, my room is basically a messy, unorganized library that just doubles as a bedroom.  I think I have every book I've ever gotten since at least middle school (and some from elementary school) somewhere in my room or closet.  Books are almost the only thing I ever ask for as presents or buy when I go to a store.  It's added up over the years.

I've mentioned before that my dream house would have a library.  Well, since I don't have that (yet), so bedroom has to double as my library.  (Even if most libraries would be a lot more organized.  They'd actually have shelves for one thing.)

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