Friday, March 2, 2012

It's Definitely Tornado Season

Today was absolutely crazy.  It was also the third day this week that we didn't follow our normal school schedule.  (We had severe weather Wednesday morning that led to a two-hour delay, and Thursday there was a pep rally.)  We knew that severe weather was coming toward us this morning, and some schools in the area had already talked about getting out early because of it.  Still, the day was basically normal at first, and I didn't think we'd be sent home.  (I feel like this sounds ominous...  It seems like something really bad is going to happen.)

I, along with two other girls in my class, had to talk to the junior girls who were invited to Hoosier Girls' State this morning.  It was pretty much entirely on us to sell it to them because the American Legion Auxiliary person there said she didn't really know much about it.  All three of us said nothing but great things about it, but only a handful of girls took an application.  Oh well, I hope whoever does go ends up enjoying it as much as I did.

We finished watching First Knight in AP English today.  I really enjoyed the movie, even though I was focusing too much on different things since we have to write a paper.  I may write a review for it here, but our paper is actually a review of the movie.  We'll just see.  I could post what I write for school, but I don't want it taken or something...  Plus, we have to focus on comparisons between the movie and Morte d'Arthur and on symbolism in the movie.

One of our yearbook pages that had a deadline Wednesday still isn't done because we've had so much trouble getting pictures of some of the classes we need.  One teacher we haven't even heard back from yet.  Hopefully we can get the pictures soon and get the page done.

Lunch was when we learned that we were going home in about half an hour.  We weren't even officially told.  People just overheard it being said, and it spread through the entire school in minutes.  At least, it did in our lunch.  I don't know if the kids in class knew or not.  At this point, it wasn't even raining although there was quite a bit of wind.  Ji took Regina and me home, and it was just Regina, Matthew, and me at home through the storm.

If you follow me on Twitter, you can tell I was a bit freaked out.  You'd think I'd be used to this after going through this multiple times a year my entire life, but severe storms will never not be scary.  My sister cleared out the closet, but she didn't go and sit in there with my brother and me.  For the most part we were just sitting in the living room, but it got bad for maybe fifteen minutes, and Matthew and I went in the closet then. It didn't even rain until it suddenly started pouring, and our street ended up flooding.  Then it hailed for maybe ten minutes at the most, and I had to stop Regina from going out in the middle of it to pick a hail stone up.  Then, we watched the news as it got farther from us.  At one point they said we'd be getting hit again, but thankfully, it never happened.  There were quite a few tornadoes around here, including one where my dad works and one where a lot of my family and other people I know live.  I saw one tweet going around saying there was one in our town, but I'm almost positive that was untrue.  Our town is way to small for one to go through without us knowing about it, even if it was outside of town.

As far as I'm aware everyone I know is perfectly fine, but I've been keeping up with how many are dead.  Last I heard eight were dead in Indiana and five in Kentucky.  I'm not sure how close any of these deaths were to where I live exactly, but I'm pretty sure at least several of them are from cities around here that I know of.  Some of the pictures I saw of the tornadoes today were really scary.  They definitely weren't small.  I'm just glad it's all over.  (We are still having some strong winds though.)

I feel as if this weekend is going to be a little crazy since I have about twice the amount of homework as normal and I have this ceremony thing on Sunday.  Hopefully it'll be a good weekend though.

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