Sunday, March 18, 2012

Just a Week to Go

I think I'm starting to realize that Sundays aren't the best day of the week for me.  Today started off great.  I felt awake and full of energy.  By the end of the day though, I was tired and wanted nothing more than to go to bed.  I think it's because I just know school's coming tomorrow, and I dread it.  Even though I do just as much homework on Sundays as I do Saturdays, it feels like I'm doing a ton more on Sundays.  It's like my body/mind protests having to go to school the next day by becoming lazy and not wanting to do anything.  I've been so busy lately that a weekend full of homework is the closest thing I get to having a day off.  (One more week until a hopefully homework free spring break!)  It's not that I hate school itself.  School is actually great.  Aside from the massive amount of homework and paper work that's required for going to college in the fall, I'd say this is the absolute best year of school I've ever had.  It's just stressful, and I need a break from all of this stress.  Just one more week.  I can make it through one more week.

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