Friday, March 16, 2012

Macbeth and March Madness

I hadn't even realized that I hadn't posted a blog post since Tuesday!  This week has just been crazy.  I know I talk about how busy school and work makes me and how little sleep I tend to get a lot, but daylight savings time just made everything so much work this week.  I've been incredibly stressed out and tired.  At one point yesterday I thought I was going to burst into tears because I was sitting at home and had no idea how I would get my homework done (lack of sleep was making it hard to think) and all I wanted was to go to bed.  Thankfully, that little almost break down only lasted fifteen minutes at the most.  I'm just happy for a weekend where I can sleep in and (kind of but not really) get a break from school work (while still doing homework and filling out scholarship applications).

We finished listening to Macbeth in AP English today.  It's definitely not one of my favorite Shakespeare plays. I wish we could study A Midsummer Night's Dream.  I feel as if that's a Shakespeare play teachers could get students into, and I love that one.  Macbeth wasn't that bad though, and I feel as if we got through it quicker than we did Romeo and Juliet or Julius Caesar in earlier years.  (That might be because it's an AP class, but we read Julius Caesar in an honors class so who knows.)

I have to finished writing an article for the local paper tonight.  I was technically supposed to get it done at school today, but I had a ton of trouble getting the information to write it, so my yearbook teacher is letting me finish it at home and email it to the newspaper myself.  I'd have it done by now, but I had to work.  That's what I'll be working on pretty soon after I finish this post.  I'm definitely going to get it sent off tonight.

We've been watching March Madness in two of my classes the past two days.  Basketball is my favorite sport, but that's not saying much since I hardly like sports.  Still, watching basketball is preferable to doing work.  Actually, we are still doing work.  Our probability and statistics teacher has been assigning us homework and then letting us work on it while we watch basketball.  These past few days are actually the first basketball games I've seen more than a few seconds of in at least a couple of years.  I'm starting to remember why it's my favorite sport.  (Although I still won't choose to just watch it on my own, I would choose to watch it over any other sport, and I tend to get into the game if I have to watch it.)

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