Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Next Five Years

Where do you think you'll be in the next five years?  I have some idea of where I want to be in five years, but it's not entirely concrete.  How could it be?  I'm not even entirely sure where I'll be attending college this fall.  Still, I have a slight idea of where I'd like to be.

Obviously, I hope to have graduated with a bachelor's degree in four years.  I've had thoughts about going to graduate school, but who knows if that will actually happens.  If it does, then I hope to be in my first year of graduate school by then.  If not, then I just hope I can find a good job.  (Let's hope the economy will be better by then, and I can find a job.)

I want to be living in a city.  I may move back to my hometown when I'm older, but I want to live somewhere else for a while.  Depending on where I go to college, I may want to live in that city after college.  I've also thought about teaching English as a second language somewhere abroad (possibly in the Peace Corps), so maybe I'll be doing that five years from now.  (That also depends on the whole graduate school thing.)

So really, I have several ideas of where I could be in five years, and who knows if any of these will even be true.  Whatever happens, I'm looking forward to seeing how the next five years goes.

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