Sunday, March 18, 2012

West Side Story

My school's spring musical is this weekend, and they're putting on West Side Story.  My sister's in it, and my family went to go see it tonight.  I was incredibly impressed with it.  They had a lot of trouble finding enough guys to do the play, and a lot of the guys in it had never been in a musical before.  But they did a very impressive job.

I'm not a fan of West Side Story.  In fact, I think it's safe to say that I hate that musical.  Probably because I hate Romeo and Juliet, and that's basically the entire story of West Side Story.  I just can't stand the whole love at first sight and then killing yourself over someone else thing (although that last thing doesn't happen in West Side Story exactly).  Nevertheless, I couldn't help but be impressed with my school's production even though I didn't like the musical itself.  "Officer Krupke" was probably my favorite part.  I'd say at least half of the guys in that number weren't ones that I would have been able to picture singing and dancing before this, but they did a really good job.  I was probably more impressed with the guys' dancing than anything else in the play.  Everyone did brilliantly though, and I really enjoyed watching their performances (just not the storyline).

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