Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Character Trip to the Zoo

Today was my school's character trip, which is basically a field trip that every kid in the school who hasn't gotten in trouble during the year gets to go on.  This year we went to the zoo.  It was a lot of fun, even though the zoo here really doesn't have that many animals.

Haley, Jordan, Beth, Bethany, and I (plus various classmates we ran into considering it's a small zoo and kids from our school were everywhere) spent about two hours or so wandering around and looking at animals.  Haley, Jordan, and I had went to this same zoo a few months ago, and while there we had been able to pet this South American porcupine.  This time we got to see her in her exhibit.  She is adorable.  There was also this really cute and adorable nocturnal cat who was so tiny.  It basically looked like a domesticated kitten.

Eventually we decided to head up to the only place that sells food in the entire zoo.  It was packed.  Apparently everyone else from our school had decided to eat at the same time.  We stood in line for almost forty minutes, and by the time we were done eating, we only had a little bit of time to look around the gift shop before we left.

We got back to school with about an hour of the school day left, so we had to go to our fourth block class and just sit around.  (I wish we could have just stayed at the zoo at least a half hour longer.)  Ji, Matt, and I played card games for a while before we could finally leave.

It didn't really even feel like a school day.  And, since we get Friday off this week, there's only one more school day left before a three day weekend!  I can't wait.

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