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DVD Review: Breaking Dawn Part 1

Since I already did a movie review for Breaking Dawn Part 1 back in November (which you can read here), this post will really just be about the special features.

The Edward fast forward and Jacob fast forward things may be great for some people, but I just find them kind of awkward.  I only watched the first couple minutes of the Jacob one before turning it off.  It's all so disjointed when you don't see everything happening between those scenes.  I can understand why they have it on the DVD though, and I'm sure a lot of people really like that feature.

I thought the wedding video was really cute, and even though I'm not really a fan of Edward and Bella, I really enjoyed it.  It really had a home movie feel, and I loved all of the characters leaving messages for Edward and Bella on the camera.

I also enjoyed the Jacob's Destiny special feature, which isn't surprising considering he's one of my favorite characters.  (And I'm really looking forward to seeing how he pulls off being imprinted on Nessie in the next movie...)

And now for the documentary:

The Wedding: I found the whole documentary interesting, but the wedding was one of the ones I was least interested in.  I enjoyed the parts about designing the dresses and how all of the vampires were dressed in costumes that symbolized the times they were human.

The Honeymoon: This was the other part that I was probably least excited about, but I ended up really enjoying this part.  It was cool to see them talk about filming in Rio, and I love the part where there's a tropical storm and everyone is stranded on the island and has to spend the night in the house they were filming in.  I also loved the bit about Rob driving the boat that was pretty hilarious.

The Wolfpack: This was definitely the part of the documentary that I was most excited for when I saw it.  The wolfpack (particularly Jake's pack or future pack) are my favorite characters, and for that reason, I like seeing the behind the scenes stuff with them the most too.  I loved how Boo Boo was chanting "nice sunny day" to himself because it was actually freezing and he had to be shirtless in that scene.  I love how the actors interact with each other in the behind the scenes stuff too.  I love seeing them be friends in real life too.

The Pregnancy: It was really cool seeing all of the special effects that were used to make Bella look so horrible.  The doll in particular really creeped me out, but I loved the bit where Kristen started punching it.  One of the things that I was most amazed about in the movie was the way they made Bella look during the pregnancy, and I loved seeing all the work that went into that and how it was all done.

The Birth: As someone who is absolutely terrified of blood, this part of the movie is a little hard for me to watch, but watching the documentary with the fake blood everywhere was even harder.  It was very interesting, but I had to look away quite a few times because I was a little freaked out.  It was interesting to see Kristen under the table with only her head out and the doll on the table.  I had no idea that's how they had done that scene.  I loved the bits with the baby.  The baby was adorable, even though it freaked me out a little that she was covered in fake blood.  It was so cute how she stuck her hand in her mouth and calmed down when she tasted it.

I loved the end where they basically had a huge teaser for the next movie that makes me want to see it so badly!

I was a little disappointed that the commentary only had Bill Condon, the director, on it.  It was still very fun to watch, but I love when the actors are there as well.  Still, Bill shared quite a few interesting things in the commentary.  He mentioned at the beginning that the first scene with Jacob is the only one he's shirtless in during the whole movie, which is a little random, interesting fact that I hadn't realized before.

I was also shocked at how much money the spent to rebuild the Cullen's house.  That was just crazy.

He also mentioned that the second movie is going to pick up with the exact scene the last one ended on, which makes complete sense, but I'd never actually thought about how the second one would start before.

He also talked about Nessie and Edward playing piano together in the next movie, which I can't wait to see. I bet that's going to be so cute!  (Also, the song playing during the beach scene when they're talking about imprinting is Nessie's lullaby.  Talk about really obscure foreshadowing.)

Bill says that Boo Boo looks up to Taylor in real life, and they have a relationship similar to Seth and Jacob's.  I find that incredibly cute and awesome for some reason.

Apparently the scene with the dog bowl was shot, but they cut it out.  I love that scene in the books, and I really wish that had been on the DVD as a deleted scene.  I'm sure they could have had several good deleted scenes on the DVD.

Overall, I really enjoyed all of the special features.  I had fun watching them, and they had some really interesting information.

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