Monday, April 2, 2012

Less Than Two Months!

The first day back after a break from school is always pretty tiring, at least for me.  I think I spent most of the day half asleep, and then I went to work afterwards.  Needless to say, I'm exhausted, and I'm having one of those nights where it's hard to even completely remember what happened today.

We only have a little over a month now until the AP tests, which feels a little weird.  We're on the Cold War in AP U.S. history right now, so that's only a month to get everything else in.  I know it's possible, but it just doesn't feel like we should be that close to finishing the book.  As for AP English, we're basically doing what we've been doing since we came back from Christmas break: lots of lessons on various different things, although we're doing literature less frequently now.

Overall nothing much happened at school today, and like I said, I spend most of it in a daze.  It was nice to see my friends though, since I hadn't seen some of them in a week, and Haley and Jordan had some amusing stories of their Florida trip.  The hardest class to get through today was definitely probability and statistics.  He only had us reviewing, but it's the last class of the day.  By then my customary Monday headache had kicked in and was worse than normal thanks to break.  In addition to trying to remember everything after break, I had to work through the pain.  We had partners, but even while working on it with Ji, I could barely concentrate.  It was really hard to get through those problems, even though the problems themselves weren't that hard.

My sister gets home from New York at around three in the morning tomorrow, and then she has to go to school tomorrow because the school won't excuse them another day.  (It was a school choir trip.)  It should be interesting since she's probably going to feel much worse than I did after my first day back after not getting much sleep at all.

It's now less than two months until graduation!  I can't believe it.

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