Sunday, April 22, 2012

Shopping "For Prom"

Today has been a busy Saturday, and I can't believe I was even able to make myself write this post.

I had to wake up early today because my family was getting our picture taken for our church's new parish directory.  The waking up early part really didn't bother me too much because I was going to be up that early to watch Korra anyway, but I feel awkward having my picture taken.  The pictures didn't turn out too badly though, although it seemed to go on forever.

By the time we got home from that, I managed to watch about half of the new episode of Korra on the DVR before I had to go meet Ji.  I thought I'd finish it tonight, but now it's looking like that'll have to wait until tomorrow.

Ji and I went shopping at the mall today.  We went with the pretense of getting accessories for prom (and so Ji could apply for jobs), but that's not really what happened.  Ji bought some stuff at the mall, but hardly any of it was prom related, and all I got was Auntie Anne's pretzel nuggets.  However, Ji and I randomly stumbled upon a table where they were interviewing people to work at the new Forever 21 in that mall that's opening next month.  (Before now the closest Forever 21 to us was a couple hours away in Louisville.  This mall's only about  half an hour to an hour away.)  Ji filled out an application, and they interviewed her right there.  They told her she got the job almost immediately.  Forever 21 is quite possibly Ji's most favorite store in the world, so she was beyond thrilled the rest of the day.  (She also found out she won a scholarship earlier today, so she was in a great mood.)

After the mall we went across the street to Shoe Carnival, so I could buy some new shoes.  I needed flats for prom, and my current pair of tennis shoes are falling apart.  I'd never bought shoes by myself before and had no idea how expensive tennis shoes can be!  Even my mom was surprised at how much the Nike's I bought are, and I bought one of the least expensive pairs there.  (She can't complain about the price though.  She told me to get Nike's or a similar brand because they'd last longer.)

Ji sold some of her old clothes at Plato's Closet, and then we stopped by Walgreens on our way home because Ji wanted to pick up a few things.  Ji wanted to look at nail polish, which let her to buying one bottle and me buying five.  I bought my first Essie polish, which Ji was way more proud of then I think is normal.  (I can't believe I spent that much on that nail polish, but the other four bottles were cheap brands.)

Then we came back to my house and watched X-Men: First Class.  I enjoyed the movie, and I usually don't like superhero movies.  I discovered that Ji is apparently an X-Men fan, and she was explaining background about the different characters to me as we watched.  She went home after the movie, and now it's incredibly late and I'm exhausted.  I feel like I've been constantly on the go all day even though I spent over two hours sitting on the couch watching a movie.

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