Friday, April 27, 2012

Why I'm Going to Prom

It's the day before prom, and if anything, I feel worse today than I did yesterday.  At one point today my voice almost went completely out, and I think I had a fever earlier this evening.  Still, I'm going to make it to prom, even if I don't wake up miraculously feeling better tomorrow.  It's not even because I'm particularly excited about prom.  Honestly, I'm kind of dreading it because it involves quite a few things I hate:  I'll spend a good portion of the day just getting ready; I hate dancing in public; and we'll be up extremely late (which wouldn't bother me much except I tend to get a little cranky around people past midnight).  Yet I've decided that prom is just something you have to experience in high school, so I'm going anyway.  Besides, I'm sure my friends and I will find ways to enjoy it even if the actual prom turns out to not be that great.  I'm still not looking forward to my awkward attempts at dancing (or rather awkwardly standing near my friends and moving around a bit while they dance).  There's going to be laser tag and karaoke at after prom though, and I'm not complaining about that!  (I don't even have to participate in the karaoke to appreciate that...)

Nothing of note really happened today other than me being sick and talk about prom.  It really doesn't even feel like prom is tomorrow.  Time has started going by so fast this month!  There's less than a month now until graduation.  It's all so hard to believe.

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