Wednesday, May 16, 2012

AP English Exam is Now Over!

This morning was the AP English exam, and I'm not completely done with high school!  Now I just have to wait for graduation next Saturday...  Also, Katy brought in cookie cake that we ate after the test, which was awesome!

It's so weird because I'm incredibly excited to be done with high school, yet I don't think I actually, fully believe that I'm done.  A part of me expects to go back to school tomorrow and especially next year.  I think it will be fall before I finally accept I'm never going back.  Until then it will just feel like any other summer break.

After the AP English exam, I spent a few hours at home before I had to go to work, where I spent the rest of my day.  I was so excited earlier because finishing the exam meant finishing school basically, but in reality, my day wasn't exciting at all: woke up earlier than I do for school on a normal basis, took a difficult test for three and a half hours, and went to work for six hours.  Yeah, definitely not exciting...

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