Thursday, May 10, 2012

Even More End of High School Ramblings

The senioritis did nothing but worsen today.  I honestly cannot believe I'm this close to graduating.  I don't think you ever think this day will really come when you're little, and then it just sneaks up on you kind of.  Even though I know I'm graduating two weeks from now, I don't think I'll fully comprehend what that means until the graduation ceremony or maybe even after.  I definitely know that my mind hasn't fully processed that I'm going to college in the fall.  (I have a feeling I'm going to be repeating this in posts a lot for the next two weeks.)

I completed all of the work I have to do for computer applications today, and I'm more or less done with most of my classes other than yearbook, since the yearbook isn't finished yet (and won't even be once we're gone because of graduation pictures and all of that).  We also have to get ready for AP tests too of course, but AP U.S. history is tomorrow, so then we'll be completely done with that.  It's all a bit weird since seniors get out about a week before everyone else, all of my classes seem to be almost over while most of the other classes are still doing work.  In my psychology class, most of the class is doing worksheets and are going to have another test, while us seniors are basically done.  It's just all so crazy now.  It's going to be so strange when it's all over for good.

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