Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Feelings on Leaving High School

Today was my last day of high school, which I have to document here, of course.

We watched more of Forrest Gump in AP U.S. history, but not a whole lot happened.

Tomorrow is our AP English test, and our teacher gave us this ten commandments for taking the AP English exam to us.  It was pretty hilarious.  She also gave us this baggy with some stuff in it that's supposedly for the AP test.  I wanted to make a video showing it, but I don't think that's going to happen.  I'll just describe what's in the bag for you guys.  First there's a mechanical pencil that we can use on the multiple choice questions on the test.  I'm really happy because mine's a slightly sparkly purple, and purple is by far my favorite color.  She also gave us two pens (one with black ink and one with blue) since the essays have to be written in pen.  We each got two peppermints "for alertness" even though I'm pretty sure that qualifies as food and isn't actually allowed in the testing room.  A pen "that is mightier than the sword," which is a pen in the shape of a sword.  They're actually pretty cool looking, but I feel as if the shape would make writing feel awkward.  We got one of those rubber bracelets  that have things like krash, kapow, and boom written on it.  Mine's green, another of my favorite colors.  They're supposed to remind us to be tough.  We also got a silly pencil "just for fun."  I don't know if ours are all the same, but mine's got colorful gloves on it and sayings like "You're awesome!" and "Great job!"  We got two sticks of Take 5 gum.  They're supposed to remind us that our goal is to get a five on the AP test (the highest score you can get).  We also got another of those rubber bracelets that's blue and says class of 2012 on it.  Finally, the paper ends with "Go and conquer that test like and Avenger!" and each one of us got a sticker with a different Avenger on it.  I got Iron Man.  I just thought the whole thing was cute and a really neat idea.  I'll probably use the pencil and pens she gave us tomorrow.

I finished with yearbook forever!  Honestly, I had some great times in that class, but I'm glad to be done with all of the stress of making everything perfect and making all of the goals.  I've also become absolutely positive that I never want to be a journalist.  It would be far too stressful for me.  I'm proud of what we accomplished, but I'm glad to be finished as well.

I spent all of computer applications on the Internet since I was finished with everything.  My teacher also congratulated me on finishing high school as I left, which felt really weird.  My probability and statistics teacher said the same thing when we left that class.  It's all so surreal that it's actually over...

Most of the psychology class took notes today, while the three of us seniors who don't have to come back for finals just sat and listened.  After we ate lunch, Haley, Jordan, and I went back to that teachers room, like we sometimes do, and spent time in there.  Hannah and Elizabeth were both in there when we showed up, so we just talked and stuff.  Haley and I are the only Directioners in the group, but we asked them to play the One Thing music video (although Elizabeth knew the song which surprised me).  Haley started dancing and freaking out about how big they were, which was hilarious.  (We were watching it on YouTube, but the computer was hooked up to the projector and it was playing on there.)

We finished playing our current events game in current events for the last time.  Our team went from first place at the beginning of class to third (out of four teams) by the end of class.  We just didn't have too great of luck, I guess.

We played cards for most of probability and statistics.  The teacher let six of us use his poker chips to play poker.  It's crazy thinking about how I didn't know how to play poker before that class, and now I feel as if I've played it a ton because of that class, and I'm amazingly not incredibly horrible at it (although I'm definitely not good enough to really gamble).  There was also a conversation about our future class reunions right before we got dismissed (for the last time).  I think that conversation was the only time I felt as if I might cry if I wasn't careful.  (I didn't though, thankfully.)

It's funny because I didn't really have any social media accounts when I was in eighth grade, but if I had, I would have been ranting on about how horribly sad I was to be graduating from the school I attended then.  I was horrified of leaving and starting at a public high school that seemed huge to me at the time.  (The fact that I considered the school large back then is laughable now.  There aren't even 500 students.)  As much as I like my high school, I'm no where near as emotionally attached as I was to the school I went to from preschool to eighth grade (to be fair I was there longer).  (When I graduated from there, there were a lot of tears and wishing I could go back.  Even though I'm somewhat sad to leave, I'm more excited than anything else.)  I'm still going to miss it a bit though, and I wouldn't be surprised if I do shed some tears at some point in time.  I honestly have no idea how to describe my feelings today.  I still need time to process everything.

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