Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I'm Going to See One Direction in Concert!

Today didn't turn out anyway I expected it to...  Let's skip all of the boring school stuff, and I'll quickly mention that I voted in the primaries today since that is important. (It's not as amazingly awesome as the next part, but it's very, very important.)  Now for the so amazingly awesome that I still haven't fully processed it part:

First, let me preface by saying that a few months ago I started hearing about One Direction, and I payed them no attention at all.  In all honestly, I thought they would be an annoying band.  Then I heard What Makes You Beautiful and like the song.  I decided they weren't that bad, but I still didn't pay them much attention other than enjoying the song whenever it came on the radio.  Then, last week my friend Haley (Yep, one of my best friends shares my name.  It can get confusing sometimes.) started talking about how much she loved them.  So, last Thursday I decided to learn more about them...  It was a bad idea, guys.

I spent all of my three-day weekend obsessing over One Direction.  It's insane.  I haven't been this obsessed with a band before in my life.  Saturday and Sunday weren't so bad, but by Monday I did almost nothing that wasn't related to One Direction.

Then, I get home from voting today to see that Haley was tweeting about wanting to go see One Direction in concert when they come to Louisville or Nashville in 2013.  2013!  This concert isn't until next year, and they're already selling tickets!  So, after a very excited conversation over Twitter, Haley and I somewhat spontaneously decided that we were going to buy One Direction tickets today.  Keep in mind that we've been obsessed with this band for about a week, and the concert isn't until June 2013, over a year away.  But she came over, and we bought the tickets.  (And floor tickets were already sold out.)  I think my family (and know in the case of my sister) thinks we're crazy, but I am beyond excited.  Yeah, I've only liked the band for about a week, but even if I was to get over them in the next year (which I honestly don't see happening, I tend to stay obsessed with things for years at least) we'll still have an awesome time at that concert.

After buying the tickets Haley stayed over for a while, and we spent hours doing nothing but watching One Direction videos.  That's how obsessed we are!  This is insane!  The really sad thing is the only thing I want to do know is still watch One Direction videos.  It's a good thing I hardly have any homework tonight because I haven't even started yet.  I am so beyond excited!  Now I have something to look forward to over the course of the next year (other than getting through my first year of college, of course).

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